OnePoll Research

Our in-house market research company, OnePoll, offers fast, reliable and robust research


OnePoll is a globally recognized market research company offering custom research solutions.

Our polling partner specializes in quantitative online market research. OnePoll’s comprehensive range of services and products are suitable for all market research purposes, whether you’re looking for data for a survey story or want to gather insight and feedback for campaigns and concept testing or new product development.

We have access to consumer and business panels in the U.S. and around the world. These panels are profiled in more than 80 demographic categories in diverse industries and sectors. We can supply samples of varying sizes. Whether you want to ask 500 people or 5,000, we have the means to do so.

The OnePoll team is made up of experienced market researchers as well as in-house scripting team. This means that we can produce multiple types of questionnaires so that your research is as robust as you require.


Quantitative Research

Our quantitative research projects are designed to help you gather insight and feedback from your target audience – so you can further develop ideas and make informed decisions about your business and specific campaigns and products.


-PR surveys for press exposure
-New product development
-Concept and campaign testing
-“PitchPoll” surveys
-Multinational surveys
-Omnibus surveys


Online Research Panel

We have direct access to OnePoll’s survey panel. Hundreds of thousands of consumers across the United States and the U.K. are ready and willing to take part in online research.

Our panelists are highly responsive – we provide members with a wide range of question types, and a diverse range of topics so as to maintain their interest. We also have a loyal following on Facebook with a dedicated community manager and panel support team to keep our panel members involved and engaged.


Scripting and Hosting

We have our own scripting and project management team using the latest scripting software. Our resources and expertise means that we provide scripting services to other research agencies as well as our own end user clients.


-A range of question types – sliders, grids, open field, interactive and customized features
-Multimedia support – video, images and audio
-Full features – routing, piping and database look-up
-Custom branding – customize your survey