PR Surveys and Earned Media

Turning Stats into Stories


We call it “Survey led News” and we invented it nearly 20 years ago.

We all know that market research is an incredibly powerful tool for gathering consumer insight – discovering more about our customers – who they are, what they like, where they buy, why they buy.

But PR surveys are different.

Research carried out for PR purposes is specifically designed to create news content that increases brand awareness and generates positive media exposure. PR surveys and survey-led news stories not only help brands engage and interact with their own customer base, but they also reach a much wider audience.

They add authority to brand messaging and create opportunities for our clients to be positioned as thought leaders.

How can 72Point help?

When working with a client on a survey campaign, we have access to our news team, who write for tier one publications everyday and we use that expertize to explore topics with “talk value” – subjects that are likely to strike a chord with publishers and their audience and evoke a response. We then brainstorm ideas and write survey questions around a theme that is relevant to the brand commissioning the research.

Our Onepoll research team drafts and hosts the survey, collects the responses and provides clients with the results. The response data always includes age, gender and regional breakdowns. We can target any demographic required. 

The data is robust and meets with all the latest codes for online market research. Onepoll is MRS & ESOMAR accredited.

News copy, Asset development and guaranteed exposure

The 72Point creative team includes experienced journalists who are on hand to craft a relevant and newsworthy story based on the survey results. Each PR survey story is attributed to the client’s own brand name with relevant and insightful client quotes included in the news copy.

Our design teams will create the assets needed to support the copy.

All steps of the process are signed off by the client to insure everyone is on the same page.

Our level of involvement in your campaign is up to you. We offer a range of services from research-only projects to a full package of news story ideas, research data, news copywriting, Infographic, video and media distribution. 

The infographics are designed by our own design studio who can transform your survey stats into an eye-catching visual to accompany your story.

We can even help our clients distribute your news story to the major news sites. Within our group is a major press agency so we have unique access to the leading news sites. 

Our 100+ editorial team provides media outlets with over 100 stories, 600 pictures and countless videos every day. We have unrivaled insights into exactly the type of content that is likely to be used.


PR Survey Package

Our “full package” includes brainstorming, idea generation, question creation – about 20 questions, 2,000 responses – survey hosting, data delivery, survey-led news copywritinginfographic design, supporting video and media distribution.

We don’t write press releases – we write news copy. Our survey-based stories are written in an engaging and informative way that can be used as page-ready copy as content for publications and websites.


Brainstorming – our journalists generate survey news ideas for your brand or campaign.

Survey – our researchers draft the survey questions, host the survey and collate the data. Age, region and gender breakdowns are supplied as standard.

Infographic design – a branded infographic using your survey results is created by our in-house design studio.

Video – a short support video makes your story more appealing to the major news sites. Your video is produced by our in-house video team.

Story distribution – our team will distribute your story to major news sites.


Research only

We have direct access to our own extensive online panel of thousands of consumers who are ready and willing to complete our surveys.

You provide us with your questionnaire, we’ll review it and make recommendations on question wording, run the survey obtaining the required number of respondents, collate and provide the data to you.

We are always happy to help at the design stage and advise you on the best ways to use the results.

-Sample sizes range from 500 to 5,000 U.S. consumers
-Age, gender and region breakdowns are standard
-Specialist panels and demographics are available on request


Infographic design – an attention grabbing infographic featuring key results created by our in-house design studio



Our designers transform survey data and information into a visually stunning infographic.

We have our own design team who have produced infographics for brands including Groupon, GoDaddy, Jenny Craig, and Zipcar – our designs have covered a diverse range of subject matters from health, families, love and relationships to travel, technology, work, finance and more!

View some examples of infographics we have produced for clients.